Welcome to Macromolecular Biochemistry
MacBio October 2017

Macromolecular Biochemistry is a section of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry at Leiden University, comprizing the PIs Marcellus Ubbink and Remus Dame.

The research is aimed at understanding protein & nucleic acid structure, function and interactions. Particular interests comprise protein-protein interactions & enzyme function (Prof. Ubbink) and biophysical aspects of protein - DNA interactions (Dr. Dame).

The section houses equipment for recombinant protein production and a variety biophysical characterisation methods.


A deceptively simple, complicated paper

Sometimes the simple things can be most complicated. You can find our analysis of the NMR signal of three methyl groups now published in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance.

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PNAS publication on protein encounter complexes
Mapping the encounter states

A new approach to characterize encounter states of protein complexes has been published in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (PNAS) by the research groups of Prof. Ubbink and Prof. Luchinat (University of Florence).

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ECHO grant awarded
The roles of conserved residues

An NWO ECHO grant has been awarded to Marcellus Ubbink to study protein robustness and the roles of conserved amino acid residues in maintaining the structure and function of enzymes involved in antibiotic resistance. 

Best research paper award

Former visiting PhD-student Fariha Khan recently received the Best Research Paper Award 2013/2014 from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Pakistan.

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