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MacBio April 2016

Macromolecular Biochemistry (formerly Protein Chemistry) is a section of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry at Leiden University, comprizing the PIs Marcellus Ubbink, Remus Dame, and Hugo van Ingen.

The research is aimed at understanding protein & nucleic acid structure, function and interactions. Particular interests comprise protein-protein interactions & enzyme function (Prof. Ubbink) and chromatin research, such as structure and function of nucleosomes (Dr. van Ingen) and biophysical aspects of protein - DNA interactions (Dr. Dame).

The section houses equipment for recombinant protein production and a variety biophysical characterisation methods.


NWO awards 1.5 million euro VICI grant to Remus Dame

NWO has awarded a prestigious VICI grant to Remus Dame. With this grant he will strengthen his research programme on dynamic organization of the bacterial genome. Specifically, he will investigate the molecular mechanisms that drive changes in genome organization in response to environmental cues, the effect of these changes on specific environmentally regulated genes and the resulting physiological response.

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Enzyme dynamics studied with paramagnetic NMR
A paramagnetic tag attached to cyt P450cam

Researchers of the Protein Chemistry group published a study that appeared on-line yesterday (June 30) in PNAS on the dynamics of an important redox enzyme.

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Former Protchem PhD student Yoshitaka Hiruma in Science

Yoshitaka Hiruma, who received a PhD from UL in 2014 after doing his research in the Protein Chemistry group, now works as a post-doc for Geert Kops (UMC) and Anastassis Perrakis (NKI) and is first author on a study on spindle check-point signalling published in Science today. Protchem contributed by collaborating on the NMR experiments reported in this article. 

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Article published

Now online in Nature Reviews Microbiology our review on the interplay between chromatin and transcription in archaea.

E. Peeters, R.P.C. Driessen, F. Werner & R.T. Dame
The interplay between nucleoid organization and transcription in archaeal genomes
Nature Reviews Microbiology. 13(6), 333-341, 2015.


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